Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Jaiden's Baptism Day

Jaiden was so excited for this day to come. She just couldn't wait. She kept asking how many more days. It seemed like it was waiting for Christmas. It turned out to be a wonderful day. Jaidens's grandma Kim got her the cute white baptism dress which looked so cute on her. We were thankful for such great support from our family and friends. We would like to thank all of are family for coming and spending the day celebrating with Jaiden. Thanks to our friends for coming the Buchanans, and the Garrett's. You guys are great. Thanks Rachel for helping with the prelude music and leading the music. It was very much appreciated. We were also priviledged to have Danny's mission president and his wife there, Bro. & Sis. Larsen. We are so grateful to have them so close to us. That night for dinner we went with our friends to Red Robin. Jaiden even got to have her to cousins Saige and Aspen stay the night with her. I was happy that Jaiden had such a great day that she can remember always.

Jaiden's Family Pictures with Her Kids

Jaiden sure is going to be the best mom. These are her babies. She brings them everywhere she goes. Her bear's name is "Share Bear". This was her preschool bear that would be passed around to each kid for a week at a time. At the end of the year Mrs. Sue chose Jaiden to give the bear to. She must have been truly inspired, because 4 years later she still adores it. Her little boy (the groundhog) is Garbet. She takes them in the car with her and they have their own carseats and she always makes sure that they are buckled in. She takes them to the store and puts them in the cart. I am always having to babysit my grandkids, but I don't mind since they are so cute and they sure are good, never talking back or crying. I must say they sure do bring a lot of joy into Jaidens heart.

Family Portraits
*photographer-big sis Taylor

Kangaroo Zoo

We went here for their cousin CJ's birthday. They had so much fun. Me and the girls would have races to see who would get up and down the fastest. I think I won every time. It was sure a workout, but lots of fun.

Jaiden's Turns "8" August 12

This year Jaiden wanted to have a swim party. So grandma Terri let us have it at her house. I was excited to finally use my decorations that I had bought earlier this year (Danny was glad to finally see them being put to use instead of just letting them clutter up his garage). He also thought it was quite an investment and couldn't understand why I would spend a couple hundred dollars on something that would just sit until I had a reason to use them. When I saw that everything was 50% off I just couldn't resist especially when the girls have summer birthdays. I had to enlist everyones help to decorate because it was sure taking along time with all the stuff I had and ended up just using some of the things because of the amount of time involved. Jaiden sure enjoyed her birthday and was so excited to help me. We had a fun time. We had pizza, went swimming, played games, and had cupcakes.

This is my moms neighbor Jerry. She is like a grandma to my kids. She loves to spoil my kids rotten. She is always so good at picking out the funnest gifts and wrapping them so beautifully. The grandkids love going to her house because they have so much fun. She gives them lots of treats and she always has something fun to play with. She also has every movie in her collection. We love you Jerry.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hot Air Balloon Ride

The girls were invited to go with their uncle Ryan and their cousins on a Hot Air Balloon ride in Heber. We took them up to their cousins house the night before for a sleep over. Danny and I went and stayed at the Hotel Park City in one of the cottages. Thanks to Ryan & Megan for hooking us up. We love this place. It was nice to get away and have a night to ourselves. The rooms have their own private hot tubs on the balcony's so we love to get in it and relax. In the morning we went and met them so we could watch them take off.

Swimming at the Hotel Park City
After the balloon ride Danny and I went with the girls and their aunt Megan to go swimming at the hotel and have lunch. The girls love to get together with their aunt Megan and their cousins because we don't get to see them much. Taylor loves it when Megan has her niece Brinlee with her. They are the same age and have known eachother since they were 1 years old from a Lake Powell trip and they have been close ever since. Taylor was glad when Brinlee moved back to Utah from Arizona

Day's of 47 Parade Floats

Me and the girls went with my sister and her family to the South Towne Expo Center to see all of the floats. I was amazed to see how much time and money these floats take to make. I am glad we have people that are so talented. The kids favorite thing was the clown and getting their faces painted.

Summer Fun With Our Cousins

We were grateful to have my two sisters come to Utah for a visit this summer. It was nice to have all of my siblings together. I have 4 sisters who are married with kids so between us their our 18 grandkids. You can certainly say that it gets pretty crazy. We spent most of our time at my parents house in Draper since that is where everyone was staying. My parents have a pool so during the days that is where you would find us all. Me and the girls would drive down to my parents house every day, or sometimes we would just stay for a couple of days then go back to our house and bring some of their cousins with us for a sleepover. I have a sister who lives in Highland and one who lives in Lehi so it was nice to have everyone together and let the cousins play with eachother. My cute little bother even took a couple of weeks off so that he could hang out with us. All of the kids love their uncle David, they all think he is just an oversized kid.

A Preview Of Some Of The Things We Did.

We had a special family night where we had a special guest come. We set up tents in my sister's backyard and King Benjamin came and spoke to us. The kids loved it.

Ice Cream At Thanksgiving Point
After family night we went and got 25 cent ice cream cones at Thanksgiving Point. The kids loved playing on these bars.

The Gardens

Family Picnic At Draper Park
The original plan was to go up American Fork canyon to have a campfire, but everything was taking so long to pack and by the time the guys got off work it was getting to late so we decided to go to the fire pits at Draper Park. The kids still had fun roasting their hot dogs and their marshmellows, it didn't matter to them where we were.

Kick Ball

Sleep Over
Taylor and Jaiden had a few of their cousins come to our house to stay the night. They got to decide what we were all going to do. This is what they came up with.
*Picnic at the Castle Park
*Kaysville Theater
*Ice Cream Cones at Artic Circle
*A Stop at the Red Box

Cherry Hill
I was really bummed when I got home and went to download my pictures and only was able to import 3 of the 100+ pictures I took. Somehow the rest of them got deleted. I was really sad because the whole time I went around taking pictures and capturing some really cute moments of every one. So here are some pictures from my sisters camera.

Barnes Park
Danny had a softball tournament so me and the girls came to watch him play. We were walking to the field and I noticed that they looked cute and that Taylor and Jaiden were matching so luckily I had my camera and I was able to take these pictures of them with their cousin Madison.

Braxton's Race
Braxton really wanted to have all of his cousins come and watch his race. It was ten dollars a person even for kids so some of the family didn't know if they wanted to spend that much so their kids could go and watch. But Braxton was so cute and told everyone that he would use his own money to buy the tickets. But then his dad said that it was on him so thanks Jason for a fun night. It ended up being really fun and Braxton did really well in his 3 races. He was so excited to have his cousins their to support him.

Here are just some other pictures of my cute girls and their cousins.